BPI Building Perfornnce Institute


Entry Level Certificate of Knowledge

New York Solar Energy Society

sharp solar electricity

Solar Certified Installer

conergy pv system design and installation
PV System Design and Installation Certified * Solar Water Pumping Solutions Certified

American SOlar Energy Society

fronius inverter design and installation
Inverter Design and Installation qualified

new york city contractor
Licensed Contractor

license #1218929

Efficiency First


Home Performance

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The 10 easy steps in getting started today . . .

    Solar electricity

  1. 1. Be clear about your goals
  2. Energy savings,

    carbon emissions reduction, comfort

  3. Identify your starting point
  4. do a home energy audit

  5. We compile and evaluate your electrical consumption needs based on this information.
  6. We conduct and initial site evaluation based on Google satellite photo imagery.
  7. Our engineers develop a "best case” preliminary design for your solar installation.
  8. We research the applicable financial incentives and energy rebates available to your business including incentives contained in the recently passed federal stimulus package.
  9. After completing items #1 through # 6, we present our findings and a preliminary cost analysis to assure the installation can meet your initial financial and savings expectations.
  10. We then make a site visit to your facility or business to confirm our initial findings whereby we validate site dimensions, elements that may alter efficiencies, and take site photos.
  11. We refine our preliminary engineering and conduct a detailed energy consumption and financial analysis to determine the most cost effective system, the best use of materials, and best financing options to meet your needs.
  12. Upon completion of these tasks, we will deliver to you a detailed solar installation proposal outlining everything that you and your management team will need to know in making a solid business decision.
  13. Congratulations! You and your company are now on your way to realize substantial cost saving benefits and as a responsible corporate citizen you will be contributing to our nation’s renewable energy solution.

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